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Abortion: The unborn is not really human until it is born (3 of 10)

2. “The unborn is not really human until it is born.”

If it is not human, what is it? Is it mineral, vegetable, or animal? If it is animal life, is it horse, cow, pig, cat, or just what? To ask the question shows the foolishness of the argument! If a scientist could produce a fetus from non-living matter, he would assert in every scientific journal which would publish his material that he had “created” human life! But our abortion advocates deny that the unborn baby is human life!

The only difference in an unborn and born baby is location and developmental size. Developmental size changes after birth just as certainly as it changes before birth. Hence, one could not rationally argue that the unborn is not human because of changes in developmental size.

We protect the unborn of other species, why not protect unborn babies? Stealing an eagle’s egg or disturbing its nest is punishable by a fine of up to $5,000. Is this because an eagle’s egg is eagle life, a potential eagle? Perhaps, we need to declare babies an endangered species, so our laws could protect them. Inasmuch as 20 million unborn babies have been destroyed since 1973 in America abortuaries, being an unborn baby is probably the most risky time in a person’s life - more risky than exposure to other health risks such as cigarette smoke, cancer producing agents, etc.

Mike Willis, Danville, Indiana, Guardian of Truth XXXIV: 3, pp. 66, 86-88, February 1, 1990